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Remove dessicant packet, add contents to a bowl.

Add Water and Heat

Pour in boiling water. Stir well and keep covered for 3-5 minutes or microwave for 2-3 minutes.


Your dish is ready to eat!

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Gajar Halwa
Kaju Curry
Broccoli Curry
Khoya Kaju
Mix Vegetable
Shahi Rajma
Chatpata Chole
Veg. Biryani
Jeera Rice
Schezwan Rice

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5 Minutes Meals
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5 Minutes Meals
9 Month Shelf Life
5 Minutes Meals

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I enjoyed the food from bhOG. The food is authentically Indian, amazingly tasty, and remarkably easy to prepare.

It's so hard to find Pav Bhaji and Missal at Indian restaurants in the US. Immediatly ordered them when i saw that bhOG offered them and I was not disappointed! Always have a few packs handy for a quick meal after a long day.

I was surprised to see how flavorful the dishes were! And they really came in handy when I had no time to cook dinner but still wanted a good meal. Highly recommend to fellow Indian students and working professionals who miss home cooking.

Bhog’s ready made food options are not only convenient, but also satisfying in taste and quantity. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

The meals provided by bhOG were delicious. They offer a range of Indian meals with Indian spices which makes the food tasty and flavorful. It is also quick and easy to prepare.